Alex Costa

Alex Costa



With more than 15 years of Project Management and IT Management experience, Alex is passionate about people. He believes that helping people understand how to use technology to make their lives easier is the main goal in his work.

Holding his master’s degree in Applied Computing, with a major in Database since 2010, he had the opportunity to teach in great and exciting post-graduation institutions such as the University of Fortaleza (Brazil) and Colleges, having taught in 2021 at LaSalle College Vancouver.

Currently working as a Consultant Project Manager at Online Business Systems and teaching at the University of Manitoba, he is able to understand and align business strategy with technology to build an effective digital transformation plan, allowing his students to understand the reason IT is so important in our lives.

Alex is very proud to be part of the Canadian College of Technology and Business team and he is excited about teaching, mentoring, and facilitating the transitioning of knowledge about Project Management, both Waterfall and Agile, Programming, ERP Development and Implementation, Software Engineering, Infrastructure, as well as the best practices in IT.