Ashief Ahmed

Ashief Ahmed




Ashief Ahmed is an IT security professional and an enthusiastic learner who completed
his graduation in Computer Science and Engineering back in 2009. Then he completed
his MBA (major in Management Information Systems) and masters in Information
Technology respectively. He has 13 years of experience in Cybersecurity, Cloud relevant
fields also.

Mr. Ashief has worked with more than a hundred organizations as an internal and external
consultant. He worked as a CISO in a fortune 500 company and now he is working as a
Cybersecurity architect in one of the leading banks in Canada.

He is one of the highest Security and Cloud vendor certification holders in North America
with 34 certifications. He trained more than 2000 people in Cybersecurity, Cloud
management, IT security audits, and Information Security vendor certifications programs.
He is working as a co-director of the ISACA Vancouver chapter mentorship program and
helping people to grow their careers in this ever-changing field. He selected as one of the
expert reviewers of BC Privacy law PIPA on behalf of the ISACA Vancouver Chapter also.
He reviewed numerous certification books like CDPSE (Certified Data Privacy Solutions
Engineer) and wrote multiple blogs in cybersecurity. He conducted cybersecurity training
in three continents and published training courses in Udemy for his students.

Ashief loves to travel and music is one of the things he likes to listen every now and then.
He loves to play cricket, badminton, football, and podcasting is another hobby in his arch
too! He loves the quote “The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away
from you—B. B. King” and follows the same in his personal and professional life. He is
delighted to be a part of the Canadian College of Technology and Business team and will
love to share his practical and theoretical knowledge with the students.