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Situated on the west coast of Canada, Vancouver has ample opportunities for students in terms of employment and career growth. The city attracts people from a variety of countries, making it an exciting study destination. Individuals who come to live in the city report the vast number of languages spoken make it a welcoming city, no matter where you are from.

In addition, as the city with the second lowest unemployment rate in Canada, students have unrivalled access to a range of employers including some of the world’s biggest tech firms. The city is also home to more than 750 social enterprises who are committed to doing business with a social conscience.


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Visa requirements

For international students, obtaining a visa is imperative. Before arriving in Canada, you will need to apply for a Canadian study permit. In order to do this, you will need to obtain the following documentation: letter of acceptance from CCTB, proof of your identity including a recent passport size photo, proof of financial support as well as a letter of explanation as to why you are applying for study permit. CCTB provides support to students in getting the documentation you need to study and work in Canada. Contact your student advisor or agent to find out what you need to do and in what time frame to avoid a delaying in starting your program!  


The Keep.meSAFE Mental Wellness Student Support Program by provides students with real-time and appointment-based confidential support, anytime of the day or night from anywhere in the world! Read below on how to access support.

Get matched with a counsellor that speaks your language, is from your culture, or has a shared experience for any school, health, or general life concern at no cost to you. Real-time support is available via telephone and chat. Appointment-based support is available over the phone, via video and in-person.

The best way to access the keep.meSAFE Program is through the free My SSP app.

1. Download the My SSP App from either the Apple App Store or Google Play.

2. Complete your personal profile and select the language you would like the app to work in.

3. Enable important app notifications regarding new in-app content, as well as new support offerings.

Use the My SSP app to call or chat with a counsellor anytime and anywhere

When you call keep.meSAFE you will be greeted by an automated menu that will ask you to confirm a few options:

- Menu language option: English or French

- Service options: Emergency or Support & Services

- Intake language options: Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, English or French 

Select the Support and Services option (unless you are in an emergency).

You will be greeted by a Clinical Care
Representative who will collect additional information, including:

- School / campus name

- First and Last name

- Birthdate

- Postal Code

- Language preference

From within Canada & USA 1.844.451.9700 anytime of the day or night.

Anywhere else in the world +1.416.380.6578

Initiate a secure, clinical chat session directly through the My SSP app.

Before you can start chatting, you must read through the disclaimers and make sure your profile is complete. All checkmarks must be green to proceed.

When you initiate a chat, you will be greeted by a Clinical Care Representative who will confirm some information with you that you have already entered.


Flexible payment plans can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Contact your student advisor to find out more at


For international student payment plan options, download the payment plan document below:


CCTB has partnered with to provide students with many accommodation options during the the duration of their studies in Canada. 


View student accommodation options in the CCTB Accommodation Portal below:


We’re certain that your time at CCTB will be a rewarding experience and a great investment towards your future. The information on this section was compiled by Canadian College of Technology and Business from websites that are maintained by third parties. For this reason the College does not take any responsibility for its accuracy, or any arrangement or agreement entered into by individuals who have reference 

Cost of Living in Vancouver*
Accommodation $500 to $2000
Public transportation monthly pass $98 to $174 per month
Food estimation $300 to $800 per month
Cell Phone with data for internet $60 to $150 per month (depending if a contract to get a new cell phone is required or not)
Home Cable with internet $100 to $200 per month (this is optional as some rental units and homestays cover this cost)
Provincial health insurance $163 per term


You’ll have access to a high-quality education, a multitude of cross-cultural experiences, and a globally recognized certification. 


Canadian College of Technology and Business has partnered with 4stay to offer students a variety of housing and affordable rooms for rent around the CCTB campus and Greater Vancouver. When renting off campus, students will usually share a house or apartment with peers to split costs. 

Public Transport: 

All Vancouver Public Transportation is run by TransLink - the Metro Vancouver transportation authority. To get to the CCTB campus via public transport, a monthly pass ranges from $98-174 CAD per month. 

Phone Contract and Internet: 

There are many phone and internet providers in Canada. A phone provider can range from $60-$150 CAD per month. The internet provider packages ranges from $100-200 CAD however this is optional as some rental units and homestays cover this. 

Health Insurance: 

International Students are required to have medical insurance. They can choose from a number of providers with a variety of fees and after 3 months, you can opt for the Medical Services Plan (MSP) - the government health insurance plan. 

Food Estimates: 

An average meal in a Canadian restaurant costs about $10-15 CAD for an individual. However, if a student prefers a home cooked meal, you’ll have to spend about $350-800 CAD per month on groceries. 

*These are estimated values of current market prices which are subject to change. The aim is to provide students with an estimate to plan their expenses accordingly, when investing in higher education. 

Student testimonials

“They have helped us to prepare our resumes, prepare for interviews, and we were so confident, we were able to communicate with the people. I have recommended CCTB to many of my friends and in future will continue to recommend.”

Namrata Skang, CCTB student

“The materials and skills gained are really applicable with what I am doing now and I still use them. The materials are precise.”

Galina Kovalenko, CCTB student

“When I joined the orientation sessions, I found it very knowledgeable. The preparation that I had with my instructor was very helpful and that got me my first job."

Saqib Butt, CCTB alumnus

“The environment was very friendly and informative. Instructors conducted mock interviews that helped us later when going for real interviews.”

Stan Yartsev, CCTB alumnus

“The program felt very hands-on, and it helped me to improve my real-world experience. Our classes were international; students were from all over the world, for example, India, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines and Canada. Anybody who wanted to learn was here"

Yulia Terekh, CCTB alumna