Study in Vancouver

Study in Vancouver, a diverse, coastline city in North America that boasts beautiful landscapes and a prosperous job market.


The city attracts students for many reasons including its warm climate, easy transportation system and its diversity. With students coming from Europe and further afield, you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of different cultures and experience a multitude of languages.


Downtown Vancouver Campus: 626 W. Pender St - Suite 600, Vancouver, BC V6B 1V9

Contact: +1 778 300 0977

Choose Vancouver for an affordable and multicultural study experience.

Situate yourself in one of the safest cities. reports that Vancouver has one of the lowest rates of violent crime, as well as a zero-tolerance policy towards ethnic, religious or racial discrimination. No matter where you have travelled from, Vancouver is a city that welcomes diversity and individualism.

Vancouver is home to some of the biggest companies in the world and is known for its growing innovation and technological developments. With 75% of Canadian tech companies valued at $1 billion or higher situated in the city, students have many opportunities to seek out jobs, work experience and internships.

Vancouver welcomes individuals from across the globe making it a diverse and vibrant city. Throughout the year, religious and cultural celebrations are held including the Sikh Vaisakhi Parade, Pride Parade and the Chinese New Year Festivities, to name a few. Additionally, many languages are spoken throughout the city meaning that no matter how far you’ve travelled away from home, you’re likely to find someone who can speak your native tongue.

You’ll have ample opportunities to explore Vancouver’s scenery including the North Shore mountains, Stanley Park and Queen Elizabeth Park. Whilst studying, you’ll be able to kayak, ski or cycle around the city and immerse yourself in nature.