Why study with us?

CCTB offers technical training based on the latest market trends for in-demand technologies

The Canadian College of Technology and Business is an educational institution specializing in career development, certification and technical training in business and information systems.

Our institute provides and upholds quality education and training of the highest standard based on trending in-demand skills and knowledge.


The highest standards in education

To make sure that CCTB graduates have cutting-edge skills, various technologies are incorporated into our programs such as Amazon Web Services, Docker, SQL, and many more


Work experience

Upon completion of CCTB programs, students will have the opportunity to participate in a work experience component that will enable them to showcase their newly acquired skills.


Strategic location

Located in the heart of Vancouver downtown, CCTB campus is located only steps away from public transit, including the Waterfront SkyTrain Station, bus routes and the SeaBus terminal.




We enable students to smoothly transition into IT and business industry and empower them to become successful professionals.





The Canadian College of Technology and Business takes great pride in its instructors and operational teams.