Jim Michelis




Jim comes to CCTB with 20 years tourism industry experience plus 15 years college teaching experience in the fields of tourism, hospitality and employment readiness. With respect to instructional training, Jim was trained at the PDP program at Simon Fraser University and also attained a TEFL certificate. Jim also has Bachelor of Arts degrees in Geography and History. 

As a travel professional Jim has been a travel agent, tour guide, and assessor of employees in hotels and restaurants in addition to being an instructor.  Jim is a strong believer in the power of travel to broaden our horizons and to develop us as an individual.  The tourism and hospitality industry is a fantastic gateway to experience the world.  Because of Jim’s career in tourism and hospitality, he has had the opportunity to visit several countries including Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Greece.