Uyen Nguyen

Uyen Nguyen


Academic Manager


I'm Uyen Nguyen, an MBA graduate with a passion for making things happen. Co-founded an IT company in Vietnam, after three years, my team and I grew the firm to become one of the top 2 providers of a Cisco-own network solution nationwide. After finishing my international student life in Canada, I assisted the university where I studied with technological documentations, guides, presentations and training. 

My responsibilities at work have always been coordination and operation. Through those years, I understand that in any case, there are rooms for improvement, and everyone has something for us to learn. Therefore, I enjoy working in teams and thrive with the teams, as well as working independently and never stop improving.

I'm excited and proud to be the Academic Coordinator at CCTB. I can take advantage of my student's life experience and contribute my work to assist faculty members, the academic programs, and future students.