Canadian Hero Scholarship


Canadian Hero Scholarship

The Canadian Hero Scholarship has been established to support members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) community in recognition of their sacrifices and dedication.

Effective date

May, 2023


Eligible recipients will receive 10% off the final tuition rate in recognition of their service to Canada.


The discount applies to the entire CAF community (additional information about who qualifies as a CAF Community member can be found at To apply, a copy of the members valid CF One Card must be submitted with the initial application to be considered for this offer.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. The student must commence their program before their offer for admission expires.
  2. The student must not change programs.
  3. The student must pay all fees (that are not covered by the award) by their respective due dates.
  4. The student must maintain good academic standing.
  5. The student must maintain a full-time enrollment status.

For inquiries about the Canadian Hero scholarship and to apply for the tuition fee discount, please get in touch with us at

30 June, 2023

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