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How can you become a Database Developer?

If you envision a career in IT or data science and are looking at different specializations, you can consider becoming a database engineer or developer. Read on to find out more about what your responsibilities would be within this role.

According to, more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated across different industries throughout the world each day. This unimaginable amount of data is integral to bringing in new insights for a business and developing strategy.

To help with the huge task of processing all the data, database developers are brought into businesses to help organizations harness the power of data in fields such as like IT, accounting and payroll and customer information. They also devise systems that can safely store this data and retrieve relevant information within minutes. Hence, these professionals are always in demand in the current job market.

If you envision a career in IT or data science and are looking at different specializations, you can consider becoming a database engineer or developer. Read on to find out more about what your responsibilities would be within this role as well as some useful tips to help you achieve your career goal.

What are database developers?

Database developers are IT professionals who work on creating storage systems for company data and software for developed databases. MySQL developers and Oracle developers are common roles in this profession; these individuals are in charge of working on the code that connects the data to the database application. They can work as separate database teams or as a part of a bigger software development team.

The role of a database developer usually includes extracting data from a storage base for analysis, report writing, making modifications to the designs of existing databases, developing the current database codes to improve their performance and designing new databases.

What kind of skills do you need to become a database developer?

Becoming a database developer requires a specific set of technical skills alongside excellent problem solving and logical reasoning skills. Some of the most important skills include SQL development skills, database designing skills, transactional language skills, information simplification skills, a comprehensive understanding of different operating systems and excellent coding skills.

How to become a database developer

There are different paths to becoming a database system developer. Below are some tips for achieving this role:

Gain a formal degree in computer science or database development

Earning a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in applied mathematics or computer science is the first place to start. Programs like these offer you the opportunity to build a comprehensive understanding of different technical terms in the subject and build several professional skills such as coding. You can also pursue short-time programs like diplomas if you want a relatively inexpensive alternative to gaining knowledge in this domain.

Build your coding skills

Gaining admission in a database program alone cannot ensure your success in database development. You need to also work on your programming skills and knowledge of different computer languages such as C Language, C++, C# and Java. You also need to be an expert in MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL, in addition to knowing about Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server.

Obtain as many certifications as you can

IT certifications in database management and development can help to validate your expertise to potential employers and solidify your resume. There are many certifications in the market such as Microsoft Database certifications, Oracle Database certifications and SQL Database certifications that can help you gain skills in this field.

Create an impressive portfolio

Once you are familiar with the intricacies of SQL and database development, you can undertake side projects to hone your craft and build a portfolio. An impressive work portfolio can demonstrate your readiness to learn and commitment to improvement to potential clients and employers. There are many online tools that can help you create your own portfolio.

If you are looking for database development programs to start your career, the Database Developer Analyst Diploma program offered by the Canadian College of Technology and Business can be a great option. This interdisciplinary course can teach you how to support database design and database migration. Click here to find out more details about the program.


26 February, 2020

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