Top 5 Canadian Tech Inventions

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Top 5 Canadian Tech Inventions

Canadian history is rich with diverse discoveries and technological inventions that have made life easier.

From the popular breakfast food peanut butter to the life-saving cardiac pacemaker, Canadian inventors have always stood at the forefront of universally acceptable creations.

In terms of Canadian technological inventions, the country has witnessed the development of several technologies that have impacted global health, entertainment, and even space missions. The Canadarm, pacemaker, IMAX, walkie-talkie, and alkaline battery are among the most famous inventions from Canada that still rule the world.

Here we will talk about the top five Canadian tech inventions that have had a significant global impact.

The Canadarm

Canadarm, also known as the Shuttle remote manipulator system, is one of the most remarkable Canadian technological inventions. Created in 1981, this robotic arm is primarily used to deploy payloads such as satellites and cargo.

Since its creation, the Canadarm has been used on countless space missions and has helped astronauts perform tasks that would have been impossible otherwise.

Other functions of this remotely controlled equipment include helping astronauts move around outside the spacecraft during spacewalks, inspecting the spacecraft for damage, and retrieving experiments that were conducted in space.

The Canadarm has even been used to help repair the Hubble Space Telescope, which is one of the most important scientific instruments in history.

Cardiac Pacemaker

Imagine a failing heart beating normally! This would be impossible some 75 years ago, before Canadian engineer John Hopps created the world’s first cardiac pacemaker in 1950. This remarkable invention has saved thousands of lives in the past decades and continues to do so.

A cardiac pacemaker is essentially a small device that is implanted in the chest, near the heart, and uses electrical signals to regulate the heart's rhythm and help it beat at a normal rate to prevent any emergencies.

Over the years, cardiac pacemakers have undergone significant improvements in technology and have become more efficient and reliable with several advanced features. The cardiac pacemaker is undoubtedly one of the most groundbreaking Canadian inventions in history.


You might have watched movies in IMAX several times, but did you know that IMAX is a Canadian invention? IMAX or Image Maximum was invented in 1967 by three Canadian experimental filmmakers who wanted to offer an immersive experience to the audience.

The technology behind IMAX is what makes it so unique. IMAX movies use 70mm film cameras, which are much larger than the traditional 35mm film used in most movies. This allows for much greater detail and clarity in the images captured, making everything from landscapes to close-up shots of actors much more vivid and lifelike.

An IMAX theatre offers you an experience like no other, leaving you in awe of the power of cinema.


Walkie-talkies have improved significantly since their invention in 1937 by Canadian inventor Don Hings. This portable radio signaling system was developed during the Second World War to help pilots and soldiers communicate effectively.

Although it was developed for military usage, walkie-talkies became quite popular in the 1970s and 1980s for several other purposes such as event coordination, emergency response, and outdoor recreation.

Depending on their use and purpose, walkie-talkie designs and functions have evolved over the years and yet continue to remain a versatile and reliable means of communication across the world.

Alkaline Battery

The invention of the modern-day alkaline battery can be traced back to 1959 when Canadian inventor Lewis Urry patented his creation. During that time, most batteries used a zinc-carbon chemistry with a relatively short lifespan. Urry was determined to create a battery that would last longer and be more reliable, and he eventually created one using alkaline electrolytes.

Alkaline batteries have since become the most common type of disposable battery and are used in a wide range of applications. Its invention is a significant milestone in the energy sector and has been a reliable power source ever since.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Canada is responsible for inventing many extraordinary innovations, including the walkie-talkie, IMAX movies, alkaline batteries and the cardiac pacemaker.

Although it’s hard to narrow it down to a singular greatest Canadian invention, some of the most groundbreaking and lifechanging inventions include the cardiac pacemaker, insulin, alkaline batteries, walkie-talkies, snowmobiles, global time zones and many more.

Yes, three Canadian filmmakers invented the cinematic experience of IMAX.


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26 May, 2023

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