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What is the scope of digital marketing as a career option?

October 2020 LinkedIn listed Digital marketer in the top 10 in-demand jobs all over the world. Digital marketing is marketing conducted online through tech devices for popularizing and attracting potential customers to drive sales.

October 2020 LinkedIn listed Digital marketer in the top 10 in-demand jobs all over the world. Digital marketing is marketing conducted online through tech devices for popularizing and attracting potential customers to drive sales. Today, products cannot achieve much without proper marketing.

With the thriving digital technology and use of smartphones and other electronic devices, businesses began experimenting with new marketing techniques. Digital marketing has proven to be more efficient than traditional marketing because traditional marketing usually depends on word of mouth, posters, et cetera.

Traditional marketing involves analyzing the orientation of the market, mixing products, demands and the market environment, all of which can be slow. Traditional marketing, therefore, had lesser reach and took long periods to gain traction. With the increasing number of internet users, everyday businesses can attract customers from all over the world and achieve their business goals much faster.

According to a Financial Post study, companies are increasing their ad spends by 19.1% in digital forums which suggests that digital marketing as a profession will be in high demand.

Interested to explore a career as a digital marketer? Read on to find out the skills that fall under digital marketing and the courses that will help you further your career.

What is digital marketing?

The very basics of digital marketing include the marketing methods conducted on the internet from websites to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, et cetera. Social media presence is vital for every company— small or large. By employing digital marketing, businesses can leverage their websites, blogs, videos, and other channels to reach newer and potential customers.

The differences between traditional and digital marketing?

Traditional marketing is often one-way communication and is mostly static. Customers cannot directly engage with companies or give their feedback regarding the products, review or recommend them on a bigger forum with more social presence. However, digital marketing offers two-way communication among customers or prospective customers with a business.

As screen times are at an all-time high, digital marketing uses this advantage to promote businesses and their services on the internet. Using marketing tools and business profiles on social media like Instagram and Facebook, organizations can learn where most of their customers or visitors are located. They can also learn when the visitors are most active on social media, and which product or service is receiving positive feedback and which one is not. All in all, this is huge for the success of any business, whether it's new or very well-established.

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With a whopping 92% increase in demand for digital marketers in Canada in the last 5 years, a diploma certificate is going to help achieve your career goals while digital marketing jobs are increasing by 59% each year in Canada. More than 10,310 people work as Digital Marketers or coordinators in Vancouver, while the average salary of a digital marketer in Canada is $50000 per year. Learn more about the courses in Digital marketing.

What are the different digital marketing methods?

There are several ways to conduct successful digital marketing by combining various methods like online advertisements, search engine optimization, social media marketing and management, blogs, content writing for business, tags, hashtags etc.

1.5 billion people use social media actively today, thus creating the best marketing opportunities online for businesses to grow.

Sometimes digital marketing methods may vary from company to company depending on the business goals and needs.

The following are some common strategies for successful digital marketing:

Search engine optimization: SEO is the practice of using keywords that are used to improve the ranking of a post, blog, photo or video to increase online traffic, and to attract visitors. SEO improves the rank of a business or its service on search engines.

Search Engine Marketing: SEM is used to leverage advertising done digitally for increasing visibility within the search engines. SEM and SEO are usually practiced together for the best results.

Social media marketing: SMM involves the usage of social media platforms for promoting business products and services. Often social media influencers are engaged to promote these products. This method is known as influencer marketing which is very popular these days. Social media marketing also involves the use of hashtags, paid advertisements, giveaways. Social media business profiles come with their own set of tools, helping content creators to make content specifically for social media. Companies are also using chatbots in their websites for higher and efficient engagement using Artificial Intelligence or AI.

In email marketing, businesses send their promotional content directly to the customers or prospective customers by email in the form of automated newsletters.

Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based method of marketing online that involves other people and their accounts to market or promotes business services or products. The company provides pay-per-scale compensation (PPS) to the affiliates who bring more customers to the business. Content marketing is content that is specifically written to earn profits, gaining more customers and making more sales through the distribution of text, blogs, video or audios. Blogs, podcasts, and videos are popular content marketing practices seen in social media.

Native advertising or outreach is when one business collaborates with another and shares their posts or content on each other's websites. Outreach is mostly done in the form of articles.

All in all, digital marketing helps businesses with improved targeting of potential customers based on specific demographics, real-time engagement, campaigns, and all other techniques. It is equally vital for new businesses as well as the largest corporations in the world.



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07 June, 2021

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