Cybersecurity Analyst with Practicum

Full-Time | Post-Secondary Diploma
November 28th, 2022
31 Weeks
Full-Time | Post-Secondary Diploma
November 28th, 2022
31 Weeks



Develop the skills you need to become a successful Cyber Security Analyst with CCTB’s one-year post-secondary diploma and gain the knowledge of operating systems, data management and general system communications

Program Description

Studying Cyber Security Analyst (Practicum Program) will equip you with the skills and knowledge to enter several different roles including systems security planner, internet systems administrator, computer network manager, systems implementation manager and network administrator. This program is designed for individuals keen to begin their career as a Cybersecurity Analyst, this diploma will set you on the right path. Develop your IT skills to enter this dynamic and opportunity-filled sector.  

Why study this program?

This program will prepare you for taking on the complex challenges within the field of Cybersecurity. Through a range of presentations, assessments, and assignments you will develop an expert knowledge of the field enabling you to access a range of career opportunities.

Campus:Online Delivery 

Qualification: Post-Secondary Diploma

Program Delivery:

  • Total: 30 Weeks|600 Hours (Includes 1-Week Scheduled Break)
  • Academic: 24 Weeks | 480 Hours
  • Placement: 6 Weeks | 120 Hours | Practicum
  • Delivery: Monday to Thursday | 5:00pm - 9:00pm

Admission Requirements: 

These CWRG programs are available to residents of BC who are Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, or Protected Persons. Applicants will be asked to provide evidence of residence and status in BC. Filling out the interest/inquiry form does not guarantee a seat in the CWRG program. You will need to fulfil other criteria before gaining acceptance into the program.

Here are the requirements for admission to CWRG programs: 

A. CCTB Admissions Requirements

  • Completely fill out the CWRG Program Application Form (QR Code Below)
  • Score at least 80% in the Technical Knowledge Assessment test (Link Contained within the CWRG Program Application Form)
  • Provide evidence of English Proficiency (English 12/Communications 12 with at least a C grade/Post-secondary diploma)

B. CWRG Program Admissions Criteria

  • Evidence and documentation of residence and status in Canada
  • Must be at least 16 y/o
  • Evidence of precarious employment/unemployment
  • Completed Participant Information Form (after fulfilling CCTB Admissions Requirements)

Once all of these admissions criteria are met, you will be sent program joining instructions and a final letter of acceptance.

Note that incomplete forms will not be processed. Submitting a false claim or a fraudulent application will result in automatic dismissal from the institution.
 Send an email to for any questions. Due to a high volume of applicants, responses to your questions may take between 5-7 business days. 


CWRG Program Application Form (QR Code Below):


Career Opportunities:

This program prepares students for the following career occupations: 

  • Network Security Analyst
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Penetration Tester
  • Network Systems Engineer
  • Systems Security Analyst
  • Computer Analyst
  • Network Support Technician


November 28th, 2022

Fully Funded Program

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Program Courses Include:

Introduction to Cybersecurity

  • This course is designed to provide learners with basic knowledge of the cyber world. The module will enable students to understand the principles of cyber-attacks, Darknet, Hackers' motivations and various advanced technologies.

Computer Networks

  • This unit will review the structure of the personal computer basic concepts in data communications, the 7 layers model, working with SERVER 2019, remote and direct access and VPN.

Communications, Operating Systems and Data Management

  • This unit focuses on advanced computer communication topics such as monitoring and analyzing network traffic, operating systems (with emphasis on Linux and Windows) and data archives management and development (including Structured Query Language (SQL) and Mobile-cyber).

Programming Languages for Cybersecurity

  • This unit will include web technologies, basic HTML development. In addition, students will learn Python code development and basic programming with python.

Concepts and Practical Implementation of Encryption

  • This course will focus on the technology of cryptography and the available techniques, limitations and problems commonly encountered. It covers the theory and application of methods available to secure information, computers and networks, as well as legal issues involved with cryptography.

Information Security in the Cyber World

  • In this course students will learn several topics. First, they will become familiar with various types of scans- networks, sites, computers and vulnerabilities for attacks. This module will also cover weaknesses in information security (hardware, software, and infrastructure) and data and cyber protection technologies, tools and leading companies.

Penetration Testing

  • This course is designed to provide learners with basic skills to conduct and build penetration testing infrastructure that includes all the hardware, software, network infrastructure, and tools needed to conduct a penetration test


  • This unit will cover tactics for managing and synchronizing a multiplayer cyber event: SOC, NOC, ISP, MSSP, and communication strategies as a tool to manage and prevent a crisis during cyber-attacks.

Practicum Experience

The work experience placement represents 20% of the overall program duration. You will get the opportunity to apply your newly acquired skills within the industry through an unpaid work experience.

Develop your skills and expertise to advance yourself in a successful career

Employment and Career Highlights



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Student testimonials

“They have helped us to prepare our resumes, prepare for interviews, and we were so confident, we were able to communicate with the people. I have recommended CCTB to many of my friends and in future will continue to recommend.”

Namrata Skang, CCTB student

“The materials and skills gained are really applicable with what I am doing now and I still use them. The materials are precise.”

Galina Kovalenko, CCTB student

“When I joined the orientation sessions, I found it very knowledgeable. The preparation that I had with my instructor was very helpful and that got me my first job."

Saqib Butt, CCTB alumnus

“The environment was very friendly and informative. Instructors conducted mock interviews that helped us later when going for real interviews.”

Stan Yartsev, CCTB alumnus

“The program felt very hands-on, and it helped me to improve my real-world experience. Our classes were international; students were from all over the world, for example, India, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines and Canada. Anybody who wanted to learn was here"

Yulia Terekh, CCTB alumna